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Argos, Curries - to name but two have never paid their staff to be competent, and I suspect don't still understand that there is value (as well as expense - which will be passed n to the retiring customer) in delivering stuff when people want it.

Sorry - grumpy waiting for a British Gas visit - despite the letter guaranteeing me a 10-12 slot to do the maintenance (I know a letter, so old fashioned, but they did cc it by email), it turns out not only can't they be bothered to turn up today, but 'we will work between 10-12' translates to we hope we might turn up before 12. Would I like to pick another lottery ticket? I would dump them, but it's my parents house and my Mother has a strange belief that they can be trusted to provide good service at decent prices. Their money, and I can't stand the rows if we (children) suggest a change.

Anyway, pathetic winge out of the way, Argos and others will die - not specifically because of cost, but because of piss poor service.

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