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"Not necessarily. Depends on what nuke size did they managed to build"

The Unha rocket is estimated to be able to lift no more than 150 kgs into low-Earth orbit. As I noted under the previous article, 150 kgs would be a challenging mass limit even to the US, especially if all the kit necessary for reentry had fir within it. There is absolutely zero chance that the Norks can fit anything genuinely dangerous in it.

The "just command it to blow up" bit is also not nearly as simple as you think. First off, the places where Norks might want it to explode above are on the other side of the planet. That means that they cannot transmit the "blow up" command directly. They would need either

a) a functioning comms satellite in a far higher orbit to relay the signal (obviously they don't have one), or

b) precise timer that is immune to effects of both long-term radiation exposure and tumbling (tricky), or

c) sensors to detect when it crosses over the target (tricky in general, absolutely impossible while tumbling)

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