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Rural America is like stepping back in time

For Politicians even at state level, is does not really exist.

There are some really remote parts of the country.

There is a road going from Nevada into Oregon that has a sign saying

Lakeview 179 miles

200yds down the road there is another one

Next Gas 179.

Turn around and it is 82miles to 'Gas'. Wonderful and beautiful country but a long way from nowhere.

So being serious for a moment, what company would invest in anything but wet string to provide internet out there?

This area of California is pretty remote and the small population widely scattered. Income? Mostly Benefits. There was work once but the mines closed a long time ago. Not a lot left out there. So unless you are going to make the citizens move... you are stuck. The 19th Centurty ideal of having their own claim/homestead and living on it remains true today.

this solution deserves a lot of kudos. Well done.

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