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You’ve got satellite?

I remember when I had to connect to the Internet via two tomato tins and a piece of string. Of course we couldn’t afford tomatoes in those days, so we had to substitute discarded paint tins which we found rummaging through the garbage tip. Of course being too poor to afford our own garbage tip, we had to travel for miles to the one in the next county. On foot. Bare feet, because we were so disadvantaged that we only had one pair of shoes which we saved for special occasions such as our own funerals. If you could afford a funeral at all, instead of just being dumped in the aforementioned garbage tip.

And don’t even talk about the string which had to be unraveled from old underwear which only only the upper echelon could afford …

Just kidding. Well done Coachella Valley for having the will to do good with an otherwise idle resource.

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