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How one of the poorest districts in the US pipes Wi-Fi to families – using school buses

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As I understand it, these 97 buses are meant to (eventually) provide proper broadband in the 20,000 student region. The mentioned cost is a quarter million. Say 10 bucks per student served. That cost doesn't include the buses themselves; that's paid by the taxpayer. I assume that the router install base will suffer some 'shrinkage' over time. They are school buses after all.

Then there is the quality to be expected by the consumers, those students. I'm not up on the capabilities of the tech in this area, but I bet it won't be top notch, particularly when Pr0n River is in full flood. The article states an on-station rate of ten buses, which I assume is insufficient for the needs?

Given all that, I estimate that quarter mil is only a down-payment when all is said and done. Don't get me wrong, if there was ever a good rationale for taxation to benefit the poor, this is it. You can't avoid SOME positive effects on a population newly exposed to big pipes, right? Beats most other social spending anyway.

Still, one would welcome a proper breakdown of the real costs, government vs private sector, along with actual bandwidth delivered reliably.

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