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Are these apples or oranges?

“It’s akin to a debate among the well fed about whether the starving should be given soup that isn’t organically sourced.”

Ah yes, who can forget the harrowing images of the Ethiopian Internet Famine. Glassy-eyed children sitting listlessly under the merciless sun, without even a humourous cat picture to nourish them while mothers clutched limp infants to their milk-parched breasts, unable to check if their bid for that 2nd-hand dremel has won or if they'll have to try that dodgy ad on Gumtree with only a single out-of-focus picture.

If things are getting that bad in India we better get Bob Geldof on the blower and start air-dropping parcels of wifi dongles into the worst affected areas.

Oh no, wait a second. It's just hit me; it's food that's vital for human life. Not wikipedia and youtube.

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