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I think the rest of my comment states quite clearly why I cannot use the likes of a carrot to make my point.

But just to make it clear, you can't buy last weeks carrots at half price, because they will not discount them. They are either sold at full price or sent to landfill.

Hell it was only a week or two ago, when Tesco was being challenged on its policy of disposing of fresh fruit and veg by the lorry load, straight from the supplier to the tip.

The veg was fresher than the stock on the shelves, but logistically it made more sense to just throw away the new stock. Discounting it, to get more veg in peoples trolleys, was totally out of the question.

This is not how the free market is supposed to function, and if the likes of Tesco hadn't got such a stranglehold on the grocery market, it just wouldn't happen.

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