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Security? We haven't heard of it, says hacker magnet VTech

John Brown (no body) Silver badge

"A toy company that openly states that its products may potentially expose children to attack or exploitation and washes its hands of any responsibility must be subject to the same laws."

It might even be an excuse for HM Customs to seize all V-TEC goods on arrival since they present a clear risk unless and until the T&Cs are updated to reflect the law. It's not as if the T&Cs could stand up to a legal challenge. Maybe it's time for the CPS to fund a small department to play whack-a-mole with T&C's of various companies, a sample from various types of industries/products being sold to consumers. Being pro-active instead of reactive would probably be cheaper for the country as whole in the long run instead lots of small challenges from the few who can afford it then being settled out of court to avoid an unfavourable ruling.

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