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When I pay full price for a sandwich, I get the one made this morning from the back of the shelf.

If I ordered over the net, then I'd be given the one from the front of the shelf, two days old and still the same price.

What that particular industry needs, is to wake up to the idea that the price should fall to zero over its lifetime.

So as with the sandwich example. On day one I pay £2, on day two £1, three 50p, four free.

But that will never happen, as large retailers have no intention of sitting full priced fresh stock next to half priced aged, as that is against the laws of profit maximisation. No, the old stock will either be sold at full price or sent to landfill.

Which in a nutshell explains why farmers get paid pennies for items we pay pounds for, it's because we're paying for millions of tonnes of perfectly edible food being sent to landfill.

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