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Windows 10 on old hardwarre

I put windows 10 on my Acer windows 7 laptop. 64 bit edition if that makes a difference. It's an Aspire 5332 with a dual core celeron. It's been glacially slow for ages, and I decided I had nothing to lose by upgrading. However, it went even slower after the upgrade until I first replaced the hdd with an SSD, and doubled the memory.

I also upgraded my HP stream 7 tablet from W8.1 to W10, and saw a performance degradation, especially noticeable at boot time.

And my 5 year old quad core desktop with a fast nvidea graphics card boots with the enthusiasm of a rheumatic dog on a cold day, after always having been a nippy little mover.

It's hard to imagine that more limited hardware can deliver an acceptable response under W10. But YMMV

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