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Perhaps I missed an important detail, but the only change I saw was that Win10 reports telemetry data. This should just tell them which features of the OS you're using. I'm really not bothered by MS knowing that I never open their new start menu, I never click icons on the desktop, I use jump lists mainly to open a second instance of the same program, or other similar things. Really, this encourages them to keep the features of the OS that I do like, and not waste time on the garbage (start screen on a 4k monitor) that I don't use. Otherwise, we end up watching Opera decide no one uses bookmarks in their browser, because the only people that left any telemetry data turned on didn't know what bookmarks were.

Now, if they're actually uploading all my files (not to OneDrive, that one is obvious) or snarfing my entire browser history, then I'm likely to have a different opinion.

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