Reply to post: CloudReady & BunsenLabs : Net Books Resurrected

Remember Netbooks? Windows 10 makes them good again!


CloudReady & BunsenLabs : Net Books Resurrected

Retired and need to update old gear, can't afford new :(

Keeps me out of trouble as well

1/ Neverware CloudReady!

Chromium OS, origin of Chromebook/Box/Base etc. OS

Freebie for individuals, paid for schools/organisations, purpose?

To resurrect old machines, and does!

Very good on my old Dual Core Atom powered Netbook. 32GB SSD

Bit fiddly to install, but super worth it!!

2/ BunsenLabs Linux

Single Core 32 bit Atom 16GB SSD

Very minimalist OpenBox window manager, (resurrection of Crunch Bang #!).

Otherwise X/Lubuntu or Debian.

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