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I'm also a fan of making sure developers have access to a very old supported platform and making sure they use it from time to time so they get a better feel for real world issues seeing that their top of the line box with fast cpus,

Slower/lesser machines are very useful for observing differences a code change makes which wouldn't be anywhere near (if at all) noticeable on faster machine. Good for ensuring code is optimised. Still good idea to do final test on something near production spec in case running on faster environment causes race conditions etc.

Some of the least buggy open source code will happily build on some very old and bizarre platforms yet the buggiest code seems to require very specific platforms.

Yes. Some well written code still compiles nicely even on SunOS 4, Ultrix 4.3 etc.

Other code, often dependent on some latest bleeding edge dev library for no reason, just won't.

Been a while since I had to port anything to any old platform, but when I did I found that code originally developed on *BSD was usually easiest to port (or compiled as it is).

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