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Roll up, roll up to the Malware Museum! Run classic DOS viruses in your web browser

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They are all written from toolkits and show very little innovation.

"They are perfect. A new form of lowlife!"

A blast from the past:

Scientific American 1985-03, "Computer Recreations" Column by Alexander Keewatin Dewdney: A Core War bestiary of viruses, worms and other threats to computer memories

There is a good problem implicit here and I would be both unimaginative and irresponsible for not posing it; In one page or less describe DOS DOCTOR, a program on disk that somehow stamps out such electronic epidemics. Many disks used by a personal computer contain copies of its DOS. When started up, the computer obtains its copy of the DOS from the disk. This DOS will still be in charge when other disks, also containing copies of the DOS, are run. If it is infected, the DOS currently in charge may alter the other copies of the DOS or even replace them with copies of itself. But how to counteract such virulence?

That sounds suspiciously like a halting problem.

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