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No people do not post things like that on public forums, however I think thats the sort of thing inferred by meta data is it not?

I think the point of the article is they are not posting things on facebook they are having private mails and communications used to advertise to them which means their data is out there being sold to all. It was you who first talked about them posting it on facebook to aid your rant, don't pin that on me ta.

The "why the fuck" was not aimed at you as a swear word dearie, it was just an expression read the rest of the paragraph it may come together for you then.

The Hypo person is short for hypothectical (man you really aren't doing this reading of the comments things well are you?) So don't know how I advised them, possibly if I have been I am the one who should be looking at getting some help, but not quite at the point of talking to walls yet.

However lets address this like they are real, my comment was that a lot of people with mental health issues would rather they choose when to reveal it and who to, so a company who mines meta data and makes inferences out of it that could affect their life might not want that unknowingly (especially under the false pretension of a company saying they are not), being passed on to others. However that stuff being revealed might be enough to make our Hypothetical person much worse, depression being a nice illness were people can and often try and appear like everythings all ok especially as long as someone feels like they have some control over it.

I actually feel people with mild mental health issues should be allowed in college rather than sheltered away from society, shutting someone with depression away from the rest of the world for example is not neccessarily a good thing. Sheltered housing for people with mild mental health issues no I'm sorry I do not agree.

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