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The amount they are asking for 10K makes me think they are not going for the big payout more making a point.

Also if you read the article they were told their data was not bein used this way, and then it was. So it looks like any terms of trade they were supposed to understand were lies.I think they are acting perfectly grown up.

Also as someone else commented and as you may not be aware a hypothetical person who is suffering from some mild mental health problems might not tell people since a lot of people still have prejudice or do not know how to act. Its one of the issues with mental health and people keeping it quiet.

Also why the fuck do you think you want other people knoiwing it? Or things like that which should be private? Especially companies, want to get insurance watch your premium rise. Had a sad day and been reading about depression even if you do not have it,maybe it still goes back to your medical insurers.

I think they are being grown up and standing agints it. Yes maybe they should have worked out there's no such thing as a free lunch, but maybe it was delivered to them as a free lunch, again they checked and were told their data was not being used this way.

For someone who is scornful about them comprehending what goes on with their data you sure seem to have a hard time comprehending a short article.

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