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'Doesn't sound as harmless put like that does it?' Yes, since that information is likely to be quite freely known among her hypothetical circle anyway unless took steps to ensure she reserved for what?

If you cannot kill cookies I guess you can get horribly worried, if that suits your psyche. However frankly I still see nothing to worry about. If you do not want private data to be publicly available do not use an insecure system such as e-mail. The postal system does still exist if you have paranoia or really deep dark secrets, though putting them on paper may not be a good idea either.

Knowing what you are doing is frankly part of growing up. I guess your hypothetical female will also have posts on facebook where all will be laid even more clear via all the posts 'hypo-she' makes. These will show her friends, where she socialises, what she eats and so on a so forth. All of that appears without anyone needing to do any data mining at all.

You still feel that the chance to target adverts in return for free facilities is so bad? If rather silly people are not aware of what can be done with the data they freely give away then it might just be time to wise up. If you have stuff you really want to secure then don't publish the stuff.

As for me I do not use backside-book, neither do I use G-mail or any of the antisocial websites either. If I need to send something to someone that I would rather not have read freely by everyone plus dog and flees on dog I use an encrypted attachment, the last time was some draft government returns that I did not want casual readers to access. If the security people wanted to read them they would perhaps see errors of typing and calculation which were hopefully cleared up in the final printout and submission.

I still say grow up and think before you act everybody, there are NO free lunches.

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