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College kids sue Google for 'spying' on them with Apps for Education

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Re: Normally I hate the lawsuit mentality

Typical students, or some ambulance chasing lawyers seeking to make a name for themselves?

Do they feel the world is some great charity that owes them a free living?

Sorry if they did not understand terms of trade. If you want something you either do it yourself or pay someone else for materials and / or time to do it for you.

It appears to me that the students thought they were no longer expected to be able to read, think or do anything for themselves.

As others have pointed out, no one actually 'reads' their witterings, though a key word algorithm 'might' trigger the display of adverts related to their witter if the original contract allows for that action. Who forced them to react to any adverts? Or did the silly little kids feel that they the adverts forced them to spend money. Perhaps they should be forced to grow up a little - not much hope of that though!

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