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£15.8 billion spent to date

And that may not include the hundred-million pound write-offs where they've scrapped the system and gone back to square one. For an estimated £2.7b a year saving. Over 3 years they've spent £15.7b in order to save £8.1b.

So £7.6 billion down the drain, but at least now we have a single integrated system that meets the needs of a modern welfare state, just as they promised we'd have when UC went live across the nation when it went live in October 2013. Oh,'s now 2016 and the system still can't cope with anything more than the simplest-case scenarios and still hasn't been rolled out nationwide.

Godspeed IDS. You've burned through almost £16 billion of taxpayers' money with absolutely nothing to show for it, but insist that your new UC scheme will revolutionise welfare and will stop all those filthy working single parents claiming benefits they may be entitled to.

The man could singlehandedly bankrupt the most profitable of companies through his utter ineptness. Rough calculation, the UC scheme has cost about £14.4 million a day since its inception with nothing to show. And the man who thinks this is value for money has the cheek to tell single working parents they should work extra hours each week to make up for the money he's taking away from them.

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