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Good summary that captures much of my experience/thinking, and that is after I liked how my wife took to WP 8.1 on a 635 for her first smart phone to upgrade from feature phones. I decided then to switch from my latest Android (4.4), Asus PadFone X after one too many alerts for yet more security issues last spring. I got a 640 for USD 80, and liked it so much (Glance is great for quick time/message checks without resorting to an expensive hockey puck on my wrist to constantly bang into things), that I upgraded her 635 to a 640, and that was USD 70 at the time. I frequently see the 640 (AT&T "GoPhone" model, so locked to them for minimum 6 months I believe) on sale for 40-60, and even 30 once in a great while, such as Black Thursday. One helluava "budget" phone compared to what comparable Androids would cost me.

I do miss some of the Android app choices, but nothing that has been a showstopper since I retired, and did not need corporate email access. Ironically, despite the fact they were using Exchange, they refused to apply a bug fix that would allow "secure" use/management of WP, so the corp standards were iPhone and Android with the Touchdown app. That was a certain UK-based drug giant - glad to be done with 'em since they killed their unicorn...

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