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Frank Rysanek

fed up with FTDI

I've seen USB gadget chips, own designs from TW/CN companies, that were so crap that they just didn't work. Some of them were LPT and serial converters. I mean to say that some of the counterfeit FTDI chips (the ones carrying a fake logo etc) possibly don't need any deliberate bricking :-)

OTOH, I've been in contact with someone who purchased an RS422 converter board *straight from FTDI*. You know, one of those advertised straight on the FTDI's website.

And the board didn't work! FTDI's tech support admitted that they had some problems with a past batch...

Possibly the only famous alternative to FTDI is the Prolific PL2303. Not exactly a shining star. And, they also have a problem with counterfeiters.


It would be neat to have a "USB serial device class", with a class-based driver from Microsoft. There's the ACM CDC, but doesn't seem to be a perfect match...

Then again, we have the USB LPT device class, and many products of this class "just don't work" anyway :-( I mean - for printers, just taking print jobs from the spooler...

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