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Uni of Manchester IT director resigns after chopping 68 people

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She organised the redundancies in as equitable a manner as possible

As somebody who's been shown the door three times, I can assure those who've not been acquainted with redundancy that there is no real concept of "an equitable redundancy", nor any gentle way of doing it. The only thing that helps is a generous pay off, and IME the best way of going is the quick and clean "collect your things and hand your pass in". Any "consultation process" merely prolongs the discomfort and introduces unrealistic hope, and "role counselling" is pure bollocks since there's too few jobs to go round. Even for any retained employees, a protracted process means they have to work with the dead men walking for months.

Anyway, fingers crossed for my current lot to have a cull soon, I'm looking forward to taking the money and running (although they do like their protracted processes).

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