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Card is dumb?

In France most people use their Carte Bleu (bank card) and, because it has Visa or mastercard, they don't have a credit card as well. So what happens when your card can't be read?

Well this happened to me recently.

1. You have to go to YOUR branch to request a new card. You can't do it from another branch of the same bank. Oh no. YOU HAVE TO GO TO YOUR BRANCH! So if you're on holiday in Nice and your bank's in Lille you're stuffed. Though you can get emergency cash.

2. Once you've ordered your new card, it takes 7 days minimum to arrive.

So what do you do? You have to use cash!

Ah I hear to thinking, what about cheques. Because the terrorists have won, in France, you can only use a cheque for up to a maximum of 5,000€ and you can't write multiple cheques to the same business on the same day.

Electronics and things like cards are great until they don't work then you NEED cash. So, even in developed countries, cash is not going away anytime soon,

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