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>>"Quite rightly the average user doesn't give a toss about that because they just want to make calls, plays some games, surf the internet. They really don't give a stuff about the things that excise people like you."

They don't care about it the same way I don't care about the details of EU clean water laws, or whether NICE guidelines allow the latest FDA rubber-stamped drug from the US or some local counsellor choosing which company will get the road maintenance contracts for filling the potholes in my street. I.e. I do care about it, I'm just relying on professionals in the field to look out for me when it comes to things I don't understand or wouldn't be aware of until it's too late.

Whether I control a device I own or whether another company can decide who I am and am not allowed to buy from is a battle with some serious long-term implications. Whether the average person knows about this or not, they care - just at a different point in time than the one people at the forefront of it do.

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