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"steer clear of anything with an FTDI label, because it might just be a counterfeit part, in which case you are screwed"

Something without an FTDI label may also be counterfeit. Unknown origin, unknown quality, zero traceability from a supplier and chain that thinks fakes are OK. You are still screwed unless you are a purveyor of cheap crap and don't care.

FTDI's actions mean parts with FTDI labels are less likely to be fakes so there is more reason to buy them. Their actions will also help identify fraudulent links in supply chains for the benefit of all.

A trusted supply chain is simply a requirement (unless you produce cheap crap) and really isn't that hard. Who got bitten when FTDI first released their 'bricking' drivers? Almost no reputable companies that I heard about - mostly a lot of cheap crap from ebay used by gobby 'makers' who are still the ones doing all the moaning.

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