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I'm looking to root my 'phone, not because of the other stuff, but because it is VERY insecure.

I have a Samsung S3 and, as many of you know, Samsung suck big time at providing updates. So I am forced to switch to CM, and that involves rooting the 'phone. (No, I'm not buying another 'phone because buying hardware to upgrade the software is a shitty way to go.)

I accept that there is an increased attack profile for my banking app, but is it more than I am already exposed to? Shouldn't it be my call to decide which path is the less vulnerable? I would be happy if my bank app said something like "your 'phone is rooted - do you accept responsibility for the security of this device?"*, but just cutting me off from what is a very useful app is simply unacceptable.

* It's not as if they pointed out the vulnerabilities in the first place.

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