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That "passionate description" has been copied and pasted to multiple Landy forums over the years. As far as anyone has been able to discover, including the very active South African Landy contingent, it never happened. The poster comes on, posts that story, and is never heard from again.

The lowlives who stole my previous Defender, a 1988 model, rolled it at over 50MPH and were all able to run from the scene (even the one who'd been hit by the trolley jack I kept in the back, although I suspect he was running slower, as he was the one they caught). This was after they'd collided with a Transit at a similar speed, knocking it on its side (Landy offside front bumper to Transit nearside front wing). Either of those incidents would have stopped a normal car in its tracks, but the Defender was still driveable afterwards, although it was an insurance write-off. When I went to collect my belongings from it at the pound it had already attracted a potential buyer who was going to re-body it.

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