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Chip company FTDI accused of bricking counterfeits again

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Anonymous Coward

An excellent case study of misapplied DRM killing a company.

There really is no need for FTDI any more, what we're witnessing are the desperate last gasps of a company with a stagnant product portfolio who are trying to keep hold of market share in an extremely competitive market sector.

There are many alternative parts out there that offer USB-Serial, I2C, GPIO for less than FTDI and with the capability to meet demand.

Offering users a way to verify their chips are real without breaking the product that contains the chip would have been so much better. A simple utility to download or as part of the driver installer.

Maybe changing the device identifier to display 'Fake Device' in device manager or just refusing to install the device driver at all would be better but again, we see them trashing devices for end users and a very large, vocal hobbyist community.


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