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This is exactly what I have done since the first incident - proactively avoided anything with an FTDI chip in it.

That is an ambiguous statement. Do you avoid FTDI's driver too and buy parts that have their own drivers? Or do you buy parts that continue to use the FTDI drivers?

The former is kinda hard to find, the latter is outright support for the knock off vendors getting a free ride on FTDI's back.

If you want something that works you're better off buying the former or buying genuine FTDI parts.

Personally I can't see what is wrong with FTDI's position. They can't be obliged to give driver support to clones.

Imagine the fuss if someone was making knock off Nvidia GPUs. If you purchased a $400 card that turned out to be fake you'd be moaning at the vendor until you got a refund. With FTDI no one can be arsed to get their lazy butt out of their chair and moan to their vendor about having been sold a $5 con. Weirdly they're quite happy to take a small financial risk and sponge off FTDI's living so long as it doesn't cost very much, yet moan like hell when things stop working and would have to buy a genuine replacement to get going again.

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