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>FTDI essentially makes devices compatible to the USB standard for "serial ports".

They do not. What you are talking about is the USB communications class or CDC which the FTDI chips are not. The FTDI chips support things that CDC devices don't like bit bang etc which is why they are so useful and often seen in cases where you don't just need a UART but also some lines you can control.

>Just about any operating system has default vendor independent drivers for that,

They have drivers for CDC which the FTDI is not.

>after all that's one of the few bits where USB is actually standardized.

Except the FTDI device is not a CDC device and it can do more than the CDC spec allows.

>The only exception is Windows. If Microsoft would get off their asses and finally

>support USB in any meaningful way this whole mess wouldn't be possible.

Windows supports CDC devices out of the box from what I remember but again.. the FTDI chip isn't CDC compatible. The advantage of the FTDI part is that it's fairly reliable and can do auxiliary functions that would require a microcontroller for a dumb usb uart.

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