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>proactively avoided anything with an FTDI chip in it.

So you avoid all of the dev kits with FTDI chips as the JTAG interface.. like 90% of them because no other vendor makes a chip like that.

>The risk is just too high and counterfeits are all over the supply chain,

>even in heavily controlled sourcing.

If you source from Digikey etc you should be OK. I suspect most of the people that are getting stuff bricked are using parts sourced from Random/Cheapest Parts Dealer in China.

>Imagine the liability if a counterfeit got into a medical device

>and FTDI's driver f*ckups killed somebody.

What if the counterfeit part dies without FTDI's driver fucking it up? Surely a system that is running critical life support services A: uses only parts that can be traced back to the original vendor, B: Doesn't use Windows or is at least fault tolerant enough that it doesn't rely on Windows being remotely stable. C: Doesn't go updating critical drivers while it's doing a critical life support task?

Have you considered that potentially counterfeits might be busted by the official driver even if it doesn't intentionally try to break them because they aren't 100% compatible?

>Sorry to say, but hopefully FTDI will be out of business before that happens.....

I doubt that will happen. They don't just make this chip and whatever issues you have with their drivers the alternatives don't exist or aren't as good. If you just want a decent USB->Serial chip the Silabs CP2102 is good but if you want a high speed multiprotocol chip like the FT2322 you have less choice.

>It's a shame really as FTDI has been the defacto standard for USB-to-serial for decades,

>way to destroy your business.

Because their chips work unlike the alternatives with the exception of the CP2102 I mentioned.

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