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That is for insurance reasons. Credit cards insure the purchase. Cash, obviously, does not.

Credit cards if done right, give around 30 days interest free advances, can be much quicker than visiting bank, counting out 100s of notes, going to shop, counting again, and getting goods. Also allows for purchase over the phone/internet and saves the trip to the bank, as which driver wants to count £/$2500 for that new tv you bought at the door! :D Let alone take it back in a van marked "I'm carrying lots of cash and TVs".

But then again, debit cards can do a lot of that. It does not need to be a credit card. Just a trusted money transfer system. Which with banks is cards, and online is paypal... no wait, did I just say paypal is trusted? ;)

Coat, as mine is the one with a big wad of "iou" notes.

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