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That may be less practical for quick-turnaround stuff like beer, but for something like dinner or takeout that removes the waiting in line, saving time (and by the equation money).

Every summer Hobart cordons off the waterfront for a festival called Taste of Tasmania where patrons get to sample the food and wine for which Tasmania is justifiably famous. This year, in order to finance it, the Hobart City Council decided it would be cashless. All transactions were electronic and the Council raked in 10% of every transaction, as well as charging the stallholders for being there.

Stallholders said the new system resulted in lost sales as customers had to wait while the cashless transaction was processed. There were also claims of discrepancies with transaction records, with some saying they were out by more than $4,000 a day.

A substantial number of stallholders are demanding council refund the 10 per cent levy, saying the problems not only lost them sales but cost them money. Acting Deputy Mayor Ron Christie brushed off the criticism and said teething problems were expected. He said the system was a success and would be used again next year.

One stallholder told me that they had lost money at the event for the first time and they and others would not be returning. Several patrons have told me that they were already considering not going to the Taste next year as the already long waiting in queues had become completely unbearable. The Git had already stopped going when the wait for the ostrich roll, or glass of overpriced* wine became too much. Amazing what government can do to destroy financial success!

* Tasmanian wine is cool climate so yields are low, but that is offset by incredible flavour. All the grapes are hand, rather than machine-picked, also adding to production costs. At the Taste, you are also purchasing the souvenir glass (plastic) and when you add in the extra the stallholder charges above pub price, and the Council's 10% then the price has gone through the roof.

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