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Agreed. I have an iPhone supplied by work, (and an Android tablet for around the house use) but still use my old Nokia 520 as my preferred device for phone calls, txt and navigation. Small, simple, running almost no third party apps but decent offline map's for everywhere I travel.

I am OS agonistic and don't see the point of being a fanboy for any particular device family. Does however seem a pity that despite the ineptitude of Elop, Nokia almost got it right with the 520, but instead of bringing out a new and slightly better version of the 520 every year or two and building on that small success, encouraging owners to upgrade, they screwed it up. The later 530 was a worse device at a similar price to the 520, while other Nokia models never hit that sweet spot of a simple small phone that was as cheap as a bad Android phone, but smooth and consistent UX.

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