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Landing a cabin of 400+ people from x0,000 feet by unsteered parachute sounds at least as terrifying as having it connected to a set of wings and a control system and a bunch of people controlling who want to stay alive every bit as much as the cabin, and are in a position to help do so.

Landing over a city could be devastating to the cabin, buildings in the way, roads, power lines, etc. Landing in the countryside in no way guarantees a gentle happy landing near rescue services, and being stuck in a waterfall or snowy forest or in the Sinai desert just kicks the 'oh shit' football down the road a little. And, of course, planting into the sea is every bit as unsurvivable as it ever was - how many survivors have been rescued from crashes at sea, thousands of miles from assistance, without clean water, without liferafts, etc. A lifejacket will help you marginally in a swimming pool, but it's not going to do a bunch in the face of the Pacific.

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