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Most of the world still dependent on cash


Hmmmmm, this is quite a difficult thing to speak about without a totally unbiased opinion.

But I will try !

1.) In the west you need to build up a credit rating for mortgages, loans etc and without using digital money like bank cards or credit cards to pay for stuff etc then there is probably no chance to get a good credit rating !

2.) If you are working then your wages are usually paid digitally into your bank account, but that doesn't stop you withdrawing cash to purchase whatever you want from you account up to your banks daily allowance and/or your balance or overdraft limit.

3.) Everything you purchase via digital means is data slurped so even if you don't use a store loyalty card the bank actually would know either what you purchased or at the very least where you spent your money so as giving them a digital foot print of your spending.

4.) From a Governmental monitoring point of view that is good as they can be aware and validate what comes in and out and anything suspicious outside your normal spending habits can be flagged most especially if its above £10,000 !

5.) Now that cheque's use has almost disappeared this means that when you want to give someone for any purpose good or bad you most probably would have to use either a Bankers draft or Building society cheque, it is quite difficult to withdraw without prior agreement large sums of money otherwise and Banks and Building Societies will make it difficult as possible saying they don't keep that amount of spare cash around. My personal wish would be to be a millionaire and go to my Bank and say I want £100,000 in cash available for collection tomorrow otherwise I will close my account of say £10M just to see what they would do !

I am just curious is there a special provision for multi-millionaires or would they have the same amount of difficulty as us mere mortals on withdrawing more than £10,000 cash !

Personally I withdraw what I need at an ATM and spend cash, I don't use store cards so monitoring me is probably a pain in the ass for them although they probably coordinate CCTV camera's everywhere to to work out where I spend every penny - lol.

But I must admit that I can see a future in the UK of a cashless or extremely rare use of hard cash, just recently the local unmanned Petrol Garage means you have to use a card to get petrol and I think this is the start of the dark slippery slope.

The UK Government will love it as there will be an almost a non-existence of the black economy where your local Window cleaner or car wash will except cash so all taxes as far as they are concerned will be accountable.

The direct negative things I can think of, if and when we were to go a completely cashless society are;

1.) If people are reducing the actual hard cash they are spending in shops then charities will get less as there won't be any spare change to give !

2.) Your child won't get the £1 coin or whatever you would normally put under the pillow when they lose a tooth !

3.) The old lady that lives on her own that normally gives cash to the next door neighbour's 14 year old child to go shopping for her as she is physically infirmed would not be possible without cash as how could this be done without giving the child your card and the pin number which is against Bank rules.

4.) Because everything will be data slurped there is a real possibility that any personal transactions undertaken could entail adverts, for example because everything will be linked digitally if you purchase a Samsung TV from PC World which they usually ask for an address and/or an email address that you will then be inundated with advertising for whatever PC World decides is appropriate or even pass on your details to Samsung so they can flood you with other Samsung products or even some other 3rd party adverting agency etc - This can be avoided using cash and a false email and address !

This is where cash wins out against using a card as you could give any dodgy email address and address, as long as you retain the till receipt for warranty purposes.

5.) Relatives cannot given as Cash presents to Children !

6.) Children would not be able to do odd jobs for neighbour's or paper rounds as how can they be paid !

7.) Dinner money cannot be given for children not possible without hard cash!

8.) Children cannot just pop to the shops for their parents to purchase milk etc !

9.) I am not sure how you would borrow money from a friend without hard cash, if they had lost their card or it was stolen ?

So although to most of us the negative points I give are probably not going to effect us, apart from item 9 as everyone will possibly lose their card at one time or another. In a cashless society if one loses one's card or it is stolen, your life is really screwed, as without a card you cannot purchase anything not fuel to go to work or a bus ticket or a train ticket unless you use a monthly/yearly season ticket.

Yup bad enough these days but if you went to you bank with your bank details and a passport they would give you cash ! But in a cashless society No card, No life !

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