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Michael Wojcik Silver badge

tbh I'd not turn down one of these

Yes, if you like performance in a comfortable, reliable car, the Volvo models with Polestar packages aren't bad. There's also the S60 T6, one of those turbo- and supercharged models. Kind of silly, in my opinion (really just more repairs down the road), but cute.

I lost my taste for fast cars years ago - a stint towing cars for the police pretty much did it in - and today's cars are generally absurdly overpowered anyway. So the Volvos are more than fast enough for me.

My wife has a 2008 C30, and I drive a 2015 XC70, and I think they're nice. Not the fastest, not the most luxurious, not the most efficient, not the cheapest - but a decent compromise on all of those points. And relatively safe. And the infotainment / feature controls in the XC70 are mostly physical buttons and knobs, not some idiotic touchscreen.

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