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Land Rover Defender dies: Production finally halted by EU rules



The handbuilt nature of the Defender meant you could fix it easily as everything was bolt on, probably why so many are still on the road and as a workhorse they do the job well even though they are basic/agricultural.

Modern Land Rovers are shit, have a series 1 Freelander which between the window regulators, central locking and the leaks just about keeps going. About the only bit that works is the engine, and even that has an interesting issue as the main hose from the air filter collapses under load at 3000RPM thanks to the poor design.

Then SWMBO bought a Range Rover diseasel as well. Rear wash wipe has this stupid feed through the axle design which leaks, the high pressure diesel pump leaks, the rear boot seal leaks. Interestingly as its the 3.0 diseasel the emissions are almost fresh air and the tax is less than £300 and it is like driving a large leather sofa but from a manufacturing and quality perspective its horrid.

Neither is a patch on any of the Subaru turbo wagons I have owned when it comes to driving or reliability, all of which went to the moon and back at high speed and heavy load with almost no problems in all sorts of poor terrain and conditions.

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