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Landrovers, Meccano and Mini Moke

All three are British mechanical icons.

There are several knock-offs of Meccano both in metal and plastic, quite confusing. My parents bought my last Meccano set - a No. 10 - and it saw me through my teen years.

Now they are punched out in China for Western companies and they are available, unfinished, in bulk lots, for fractions of the prices they charge at retail - painted. My employers military section use them for prototyping - and as owners of laser and water/diamond cutters we can bang off custom and large dimension base plates.

The Mini-Moke is frequently found in warmer countries - there are at least 17 genuine Mini-Mokes in Ho Chi Minh City/SaiGon where the choice de jour is the Toyota Landcruiser at USD$100,000 at the showroom door.

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