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Land Rover Defender dies: Production finally halted by EU rules

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the rest of the world continues to keep with the 47 over the 74.

The Russians understood that the way to beat a Western enemy is to wound one and at least two will be taken off the field.

the rest of the world wants that big ol' 7.62 to eliminate the ideologically and/or chemically motivated target that it's similarly fortified fellows will leave behind without a thought.

Both NATO and former Warsaw Pact bureaucracies designed their militaries to fight each other, and with blinders on, ignored the rest of the world. Notice how the 7.62/.308 is coming back into favor among NATO weapons systems over the last decade as some people start getting the clue.

Sometimes big, heavy, and British is the solution. Whether .303, or Winston Churchill, or Land Rover Defender, you need weight to throw around that can "go the distance".

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