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left windows phones a long time ago

I used to have Windows on my company cell phone. The company insisted. They had a special app, written for Windows Mobile 5, and everyone had to use it. Everyone. No exceptions.

The app broke on impact with WinMob 6. The company re-wrote it. It didn't like WinMob 6.5. The company re-wrote it. It crashed and burned on impact with WinPh 7. (Wouldn't even install, Mickeysoft deleted something or other...) The company gave up and set up on iOS and Android. Haven't had to do a re-write since. This meant, of course, that we dumped the WinPhones. Which is why my company phone is now an iPhone 5s. Apple (and Samsung, and LG, and Motorola, and HTC, and even ZTE) marketing should write letters of profound thanks to Redmond. Without Microsoft's assistance a lot of corporations would still be running various versions of Windows phones. Microsoft went out of their way to screw 'em over, so they went elsewhere.

I still have my old Samsung Omnia, the SGH-i910. It allegedly still works, if you can call being shackled to Veriscum's CDMA crap working, and runs WinMob 6.1. I power it up every now and again just to see if it still runs. I have never used a WinPh 7 or later device, as the company just gave up and went with vendors who didn't actively hate their clients. I use the Omnia as a paperweight. Someone once, ah, 'borrowed' it. About a week later it showed up back on my desk. Yes, folks, it's not even worth stealing...

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