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Windows 10 is fine. Since I upgraded my work PC, everyone in the office has volunteered to move onto it, in our small office of non-techies. I was expecting everyone to want to stay on 7 - which is good, and they were happy with, and avoids people having to cope with change. I'd already upgraded the one person on 8, I'm not a sadist.

But they wanted it, and are all happy. I've not read anything to suggest it's technically worse than 7, just that it involves change. My only problem so far is the illogical split between the Settings and Control Panel. But unlike in 8, there now seem to be links to take you to settings in the other place. So it's not that bad.

I'm not an IT person, just the only technically competent one in our small company. We get whatever OS comes with a new PC when we need one, and outsource whatever I can't do.

I can understand the lack of love for Windows 8. It was annoying. 8.1 fixed a lot of the worst stuff, and if you stuck Classic Shell or Start8 on it, you were mostly fine. But I don't see what's the problem with 10? Other than people being difficult. And objecting to the nagging download thing, but then MS are giving that away free.

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