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Well, it was made for the American market. If you try a lot of the USA sports cars from those days they do not handle any better (though most have significantly more power on tap).

What did you expect? A Renault 5 GT Turbo? A Peugeout 205 GTI? Both date from about the same time.

Oh, I forgot, something like that would have never made it into the USA market by the pure nature of it being too small. And driveable too.

The original DeLorean best likeness are those fake Ferraris which people make out of a Fiat Coupe. Put a fake Ferrari body on top + horse badge and a HUGE fart pipe. Under-powered, handles like a coffin and has the safety level of a coffin (I would really not like to try to get out of those gull-wing doors after a roll over).

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