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Not a good idea

The only thing the DMC really had going for it was the idea of a stainless body. But the added weight of it, along with the notoriously heavy addedition of a gullwing assembly, an anemic Renault engine and 80's UK style build quality made it a real dog.

It was a really bad idea to begin with, and barring some curiosum value (look what those crazy 80's people thought up to go with their shoulder pads) it still is.

UNLESS they're going to make it with an ultra light carbotanium body and a 500 horse 0 emissions engine with a range of 300 miles, in which case they might find some customers who want it as a runabout next to their Pagani, they are going to loose money. But I imagine this would add a 0 to the price tag and I don't mean in front.

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