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Back to the Future's DeLorean is coming back to the future

Shane McCarrick

Price is nuts


Do people actually remember the original DeLoreans?

They were plagued with engineering issues- and whatever about their 'coolness' their cost-of-ownership was astronomical. The 'hip' people who had one- lamented them- and did their utmost to offload them in as expeditious a manner a possible. It drove like it had treacle poured into the steering column- and felt like you were driving one of those nutty Renaults. In short- it was a piece of crap to be avoided if at all possible.

Most people who have 100k to spend on a car- are probably looking at a nice Volvo or even a top end Audi or something- not a freaking DeLorean.......

As the saying goes- fools and their money............

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