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Much as I dislike Richard Murphy and Lady Hodge, your attack on them in the Forbes article seems a little dishonest.

What you quote them as saying here is that, given that the current tax system is based on taxing corporations on the profits they make in this country, the amount Google has paid is ridiculously low, based on a fair reckoning the actual profits they have made in the last decade from the business they operate in the UK.

Then you call them idiots, because you say we shouldn't be taxing corporate profits in the first place.

Even if you agree that the current system of taxing profits is fundamentally flawed, the fact remains that it is the system we currently have, and according to this system Google have paid too little tax, according to the spirit of the law of this system.

It is possible to believe both that the current system of taxing corporate profits is flawed in a modern world of globalised trade, and also that Google have dodged paying the tax they do owe under that system, thanks to their size, wealth and political connections.

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