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Five reasons why the Google tax deal is imploding


"How many of us if we had enough money to be worried about such things as higher rates of tax, would try to do anything they could by any legal means there were available to keep as much of that money being taken away from them as possible?"

Life isn't perfect in the UK by any means, but I do feel somewhat privileged to have grown up and now raise a family in the UK having seen some of the alternatives on my travels. I want more people to have the same chance at a prosperous peaceful life that I had, which requires a lot of money, which requires a lot of tax to be paid. So I don't resent paying a full portion of tax, after all it *should* go towards making the lives of our kids & the folks around us better - which *should* make us all better off.

Tax avoidance is simply a way of gaining an unfair advantage over your team mates.

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