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> Reading Tim Worstall on this topic is very interesting-

Reading Tim Worstall in Forbes is just like reading him in El Reg. If his arguments are so clever and cogent, why does he have to continually resort to ad hominem sneers?

Take his conclusion: "who would you rather get your public policy from? A politician, an accounting professor and a suburban accountant turned one fifth of a professor? Or an actual world expert on the economics of tax systems?" He's using blatant NLP techniques and dodgy debating tactics (eg Poisoning the Well ) to denigrate those he disagrees with and influence the reader into accepting his viewpoint, but if his points and conclusions were as valid as he believes, such behaviour simply wouldn't be necessary.

He also claims that what Google et al are doing is "making us all richer", well, I'm sure it's making people like *him* richer, because they're the ones who can afford to own and trade shares in such big companies, but for the rest of us "little people", we're the ones who are seeing the money flow ever upwards and precious little of it tricking back downwards.

Still, that's not his (or Google's) problem, is it?

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