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Mmmh, In East Africa, once the bananas are harvested, the shrub is chopped down and applied as fertilizer for the next upcoming sucker. After a few years the shrub grows on one meter or even higher heap of itself. Don´t know, how its handled on the plantations that deliver so called bananas to europe.

Africans they are not due EU import regulations. Chiquita dictated the definition of an EU banana standard.

You don´t find any of the 20 or more varieties of african bananas in europe. Nothing of the non sweet, starch rich cooking bananas or the 4" long super sweets. Just the mealy Chiquitas.

same applies for potatoes. Last night´s business idea is to open up a fish´n chips with 10 varieties of potatoes to choose from. European citizens have been prohabited to enjoy the riches of what the world has to offer by the Food Mafia.

Sorry, went off the topic here (again).

Next week, i will be back in Africa and enjoy an avocado the size of a handball and a doublesize pineapple, NGM Wheed, a real steak, triple destilled banana gin ...

Not for holidays but for my new IT-ManAnger contract. Asante Sana

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