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Re: Calling Android a "Linux distribution" is entirely misleading.

> You have some things in your post here that are technically incorrect. You should be aware that Android and GNU cannot coexist in the same root directory.

When did I ever make the claim that they would, and what relevance does that have ?

> I have run a GNU/Linux distribution on a number of ARM devices, and the executables for those cannot run inside of an Android environment.

And I pointed out that there are several apps available in the Play Store and/or FDroid that are collections that include GNU/Linux executables that _do_ run in an 'Android environment'. These collections may well include their own libraries that provide an interface between the utilities and compilers and the Android display system, but these use the Android provided Linux kernel. The utilities are built from the same source code as the ones that you ran.

Whether they run in the same 'root' file system is irrelevant, they certainly can access the Android file system, and are installed in the same place as other Android apps.

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